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Started by TonyB, November 11, 2008, 09:38:44 AM

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Has anyone else seen this yet?! ... ave-a-bite

Anyone care to come with any theories on just how the hell that even works?!?!
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Oh, this thing again; we had a poke at it on the old forum.

It appears to work by selectively magnetically exciting and/or damping the strings (as an analogy, think of it as an electric motor whose constantly-variable direction and speed are under microprocessor control, and the components of which are spread out on a plank of wood). It's a very clever application, capable of quite weird shit, but which may never get into the mainstream.

It's expensive, but that's the fancy 1st version. There'll be cheaper ones later, if Moog can sell enough of the first run to indicate that it's not going to be a white elephant. Many have commented on its similarity to the Sustainer technology, but it has a bit more up its sleeve than that device.

I've been promised a go on one soon, but I'll believe it when I actually get my mitts on it.
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It's not cheap  :shock:  - think I'll just keep using my ebow and save a few grand!
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Quote from: "D S"It's not cheap  :shock:  - think I'll just keep using my ebow and save a few grand!

I use an elbow myself. Saves wear and tear on the fingers.
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That's pretty much my playing style too.
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It's honestly not THAT impressive...
Don't see how that's worth 7 grand.
And they're heavily plugging it's endorsers just to justify the price. That's lame.
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Ah, we've finally turned into

Sure, it's a lot of money. So- you can't afford it? Neither can I, but I'll wait until I try it to make any further comments. It's a fancy piece of woodwork, and a lot of amortised R&D. You almost certainly haven't had a look in the control cavity of one- it's got a lot going on in there, and includes foot-pedal controllable Moog filters as well as the sustainer/dampener drive. The plain-Janes will be a lot cheaper, if they ever come out in this wreck of an economy.

To climb back on my worn-out old hobby horse one more time: a Les Paul '56 Goldtop is "worth" more than its modern Historic equivalent. A brand-new Mac Book Pro is worth more than a "vintage" one. An OASYS is worth more than a Farfisa. A Martin is worth more than a Takamine, whatever its age, generally speaking.

There are reasons, whether you like it or not, for these perceived differences in worth/value. I think it has come out at an unfortunate juncture in time but Moog, at least, can't be blamed for attempting to build what amounts to a new and expensive instrument at the wrong moment in history.
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It's nice, but honestly, for that much, use an ebow and electro harmonix's Hog guitar synth doo dah.

if it drops below a grand I might, MIGHT consider it.

And that means quite significantly below a grand. If they send me an email saying Moog Guitar for £999.99 I'll find whoever sent it and super glue the cheeky sods jaw shut, permenantly...


I'm just happy with my ebow, and I've made one myself that gives me that sort of thing on my bass. It was only about 70 to make. So its all in what you want of what your playing.
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