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Started by catherine, January 21, 2009, 09:19:11 AM

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Saw this today //

Couldn't quite believe it, particularly the version of Roxanne that was produced with it... // - has anyone here tried it?

(I think I might have to try it out this evening, just for a laugh. Please could someone PM me the vocal track for The Other Me?)


Can't PM the file but if you PM me your email address I'll mail it to you as soon as I can.  :)
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There are installation problems with some versions of windows however I installed it on WinXP SP3 and when I hit the shortcut nothing happens same if I open an explorer window to the songsmith.exe file, right click and select open. Exactly the same on WinXP SP2. Really can't be arsed to play around any more.


Ahhh... that Songsmith ad sets an example to all ad execs the world over.
I'm not sure what of though.

Roxanne is brilliant. I'm sure the boys will be wishing they were dead just so that they could spin in their graves.

But there's something even better.
A friend who's an expert at YouTubing has found this absolute classic, brought beautifully up to date.
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RH, that's absolutely gorgeous. Nearly weed myself watching that.


Quote from: "catherine"RH, that's absolutely gorgeous. Nearly weed myself watching that.

Radiohead's Creep is amusing too.


wow.  that is all just so bad.


It's really Bill Gates with a Casio keyboard....isn't it? :D
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It's very horrible really, when i first saw the commercial i thought it was a joke, but sadly it isn't. :?
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My goodness!!!!! Instant music on a can, just add vocals? Sure, one should not take music too serious, but what the... :!:  :!:  Isn´t this taken a bit too far? Who's got time to spend on making these things anyway?
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Dave M

Oooohhhh look how much fun PC's can be ......

yep ... utter pants.
... it was like watching a peach jelly f##k a steel drum ..  


Quote from: "Dave M"Oooohhhh look how much fun PC's can be ......

yep ... utter pants.
That gets my nod for post of the week. :D LOL.


I actually do think they were going for the "so tacky it's cool" thing with the promo video. There's no way any production company that's actually still in business could do something that god-awful without knowing it.

If the underlying product hadn't been completely shite, it might even have worked.
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Just in case anyone was wondering what it would be like if Songsmith heard The Other Me vocals, now you can hear for yourselves.

Five different "styles"....there's even a hiny of banjo in there....

Disclaimer: I did next to nothing with the program except set the tempo, select the styles, set the number of chords per bar and adjust the "Jazziness" a bit to see what it did. So a) I didn't choose the chords, if they don't fit that's not my fault and b) I may not have got the best out of the program....I didn't want to spend too long in there! The demo is limited to 6 hours - I did all of this inside 20 minutes!  :)

The Other Songsmith

On a more serious note, I can't see this being much more than a toy and churning out tons of Bontempi-quality muzac....but....if you were seriously, seriously blocked for inspiration or a chord sequence you might never have thought of....then maybe, just maybe....  :?

@Jem: Sorry. ;)

@Rick: Thanks for the file hosting (again) mate.  :D
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