Any Chance Of A Cassette Release Perchance ?

Started by Fogeyspasm, January 27, 2009, 09:19:35 PM

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I'm fed up with all this digital clean sound so in deference to Jem's 80's idea we've dug out the "future" of music for a resurgence in true analog sound. Pity there's no Doubbly though!

Tally Ho Chaps
Bandits 11 O\'Clock High
Throttle to boost, im going in!


Well, I know you shouldn't do metal in dubly, but what about Prog?!

That's a major retro-trip you've got on the go there, Fogeyspasm!


8 track cartridge?  Reel to reel?  Wax cylinder?  ;)
Come on, you\'re a lion!


No doubbly? well i hope your volume goes to eleven then :)
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Kill the motor, dudes- I want it on Elcaset.

It's the sound, like todally. Everything else is just bogus.
This space for sale.


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