The Wishing Tree - Ostara

Started by EVP, February 02, 2009, 12:06:42 AM

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Just found this out on myspace!!! The brand new Wishing Tree album "Ostara" is
finally done and I'm going on over to rackett to pre-order very soon.  There is a
free MP3 you can download for the song "Hollow Hills" and you can hear a preview
of the other songs on the album found here:

Finally we get to hear more of the guitar work Mr. Rothery has been best known for
and lots of guitars on this one too at that. I'm already beginning to wonder if this
is really the new Marillion album that I've been waiting for  ;)

just kidding....maybe......

oh I almost forgot, the release date is March 23rd.



Hurrah! About time...

Steve Rothery letting his guitar soar once again - much as though I love Marillion, there's not much of those emotional guitar moments in Happiness is the Road. That's fine - they can do whatever they want. But I like to hear that black strat soaring in that unmistakeable David Gilmour way. Erm, you know what I mean ;-)