You and I Experiments (RWA-remix)

Started by RWA, February 03, 2009, 03:32:55 PM

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It's started out as a complete overhaul of "You/I" but then I got a bit carried away!  :D
It eventually goes back to that song but... well..... it's a 6 minute track now.

You and I experiments (RWA-remix)

Tell me what you think.


Very nice! I like the Portnoy drumming style and the whole strings part... :)
You talk
You think you own me
You miss the point completely
These things I do they\'re not for you
I\'m sick and I\'m tired
Leave me alone...

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You clever barstool you!! Thats a bit good. :D



Goodness me....once upon a time there was a bar....then it got raised....completely.

Stupendous work, Ron. :)
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Thanks!  :oops:

It was a handful all right. I'm used to writing my own stuff so "time stretching" and "sample slicing" was not a part of my vocabulary really. Therefore it was a very learning experiment and lots of fun to do.

Didn't mean to re-write anything Jem did but the material is just to inspiring to work on. As I said, I got a bit carried away.  ;)

Still not happy about the overall sound because "mastering" is fairly new to me also. I'm used to having Chris (Brown) taking care of that. I might have him take a look at that.



Always a crumb


Nice work!

On a side note, I checked out your myspace, and I really liked the songs on there too!


That is rather splendid, I am most impressed.  :D
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Excellent  RWA !!   enjoyed listening to

Would be really interested to know how you worked on this...did you have some original stems for this?

Thanks for sharing..

All the best  :D


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Thats well good.
Love the whole feel of it.
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Have to say I love it too :)

I simply LOVE the melody in You/I and it awesome to hear it against full instrumentaion.
Makes me want to have a go now!! :)

Hat off to you sir :)
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