John Mayhew

Started by Mouse, April 16, 2009, 02:22:59 PM

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John Mayhew, drummer on the Genesis album Trespass, has passed away.


Yeah I was going to post on this but been busy lately.

Unfortunate circumstances regarding his family relations.
I guess they were a bit concerned about a large number
of fans showing up for the funeral.

The man and his work will be loved. R.I.P.

The Cosmic Lawnmower

Yes very sad, I was lucky enough to meet and have a good chat with John at the 2006 fan convention, he 'd always been somewhat leftout of Genesis history apart from the odd name-check, and he was gracious enough to allow me to chat and ask him how he got the job with Genesis, what he did after and so forth. Later at the convention he got hauled onto The Astoria stage to play 'The Knife' with ReGenesis some 30 years + since he'd last played it. It was a great moment  :) .

Although I only met him breifly he came across as a lovely bloke.

RIP John


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