Alex Hutchings in the Cube.

Started by mittharp, February 20, 2012, 03:36:18 PM

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Wow I'm amazed by this guys ability and you say you are to be working with him, Mr. Godfrey......he's got that sort of Alex Machacek/Jimmy Herring type thing going on, and I can't wait to hear the results you come up with. But are you producing or playing on this project? Just being nosey that's all....whatever best of luck sounds like the future to me.

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Interestingly, Craig posted to his blog a few days ago and in amongst quite a lot of stuff (sorry to hear of your health problems, mate), he had the following to say:

QuoteI'm also putting together a project with the amazing Alex Hutchings. We're doing some crazy technology project together with the aim of gigging it using loop pedals and mad effects, I'm playing drums guitar and bass on it as is he, its gonna be out there, we start rehearsals in the next couple of weeks and sketch a plan.

Coincidence? Related? Synchronicity? Tawny port?


Quote from: "Trapezium Artist"Tawny port?
Yes, a Ramos Pinto 30 Y.O. please. :)


Ooh, that's exciting!  I love Alex's guitar playing.  This video made me buy the Boss RC-300 as my Christmas present!  8-)

There's also this video of him and Blunders in action:-
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I saw these guys doing a roland demo at my uni at it was brilliant :) I went wearing a frost* t-shirt, haha!


Although, (Re: Ask Craig) why do you switch to trad grip at 2 minutes in?


In the video with Alex and Craig, I love Blunders little monkie face when Alex goes a bit quiet at 1.35  :lol:


More video demo action here too from Alex Hutchings - (from the latest Roland email).
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