Paul Harvey RIP

Started by EVP, March 01, 2009, 02:01:41 AM

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News is breaking right now. Long time news broadcaster Paul Harvey has passed away.
For those living abroad, Paul has been an Icon of the US broadcasting for many years
now and he had a unique style to his news breaks that have been heard all across
the states here. I always thought he was a good man and I remember both my father
and grandfather listening to him when I was out riding with them.  He had three
broadcasts a day and I always enjoyed hearing them here locally in Syracuse until
the local AM station changed hands with networks. He never seemed to get really politcal
and even had true to life stories about famous people in the world.

We'll forever have his famous phrases in our minds and hearts..

"and now the rest of the story.."  and of course,  "Paul Harvey...Good day!!"