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My past life

Started by TBE, March 02, 2009, 10:33:36 AM

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Hello chaps.

I have put up some tracks I have been involved with over the last 18yrs on my myspace.

This is from my blog...

As I delve deeper and deeper into my old minidisc collection I have uncovered a lot of music that I have recorded over the past 20 years.
It's interesting to listen to this stuff and survey my 'career' in music, especially as I feel I am at a crossroads artistically

I have uploaded six tracks on my myspace that cover the last 18 years! Some of these tracks were recorded on four track, some in studios; the way we we make music really has changed in that time.

So here is a run down of what is up there...


When I stopped playing with Robert Plant in 2001 I was still involved in production and remixing. I decided to to put a project together with Dan Jenkins, with us sharing production duties and with Dan also singing.
At the time we were listening to a lot of electronica like Aphex Twin and Autechre but we were also into Scott Walker's 'Tilt' album. I think this influenced the strange vocal approach on these tracks.
Usually I like to work quickly but we spent a long time on the production on these. I think they are quite proggy in a way. I know I found it difficult being so anal over these tracks which in the end scuppered the project.


In 2002 I made an album called 'the Twitch' It was full of lots of drumming and wierd time signatures and polyrhythms. (You can listen to it at Lastfm) Here are a few things that didn't make it on. One features me singing and one features Paul Wetton on guitar. (more of him later)
All the twitch recordings have a certain sound that I have always liked.


Between 1999 and 2001 I played drums for Robert Plant in a band called The Priory of Brion.
It was a great band that got knocked a bit at the time for it's musicianship which I think was unfair.
We were in the studio one day when Paul Timothy (keyboards) and myself got a call to do a remix for a singer called Amar. So we jammed some stuff along with the bassist (Paul Wetton again!) and then we dropped the vocal on after. The record company wanted us to do a version of 'Sometimes it Snows in April' by Prince. This has always been a track I really like but the record company rejected it because it was a bit too heavy for them.
Paul Timothy later found chart success with his dance project 'Soul Central'


This comes from the four track days so prepare yourself for hiss!
It features Paul Wetton on guitar, aka Aunty. When I'm asked about musicians I have worked with I often mention Paul as being on of the unsung greats. A monster musician with a unique approach.
I have put this up as a tribute to Paul.
He is currently playing bass in the band Cantaloop. Check him out next time he is gigging near you.


The earlist track in this list, it comes from 1991 and was recorded in my bedroom on a four track.
It features some funky arabic stuff, some complex runs and rhythms and a keyboard solo I recorded whilst under the influence in 19/16. Basically it contains everything that I have been doing ever since!

There is a lot of this stuff and I'm looking forward to putting more weirder stuff up as and when I find it.

If you have time to listen please do....

Ta x


Love to listen to them, but myspace is rather big, it could take a while to find them :D
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I'd love to listen to them too, but the firewall here is rather "tight".
This evening hopefully. :)
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cool!  looking forward to a listen or three!


Sometimes It Snows In April too heavy? What was their problem? To these ears it sounds gorgeous.
Thanks Andy, Good to hear a cross section of work you have produced.


Well, it was supposed to be a remix, we did the remix for Amar's first single.

We were offered the second single which was 'snow' and did that version but they went with this....


Quote from: "TBE"Well, it was supposed to be a remix, we did the remix for Amar's first single.

We were offered the second single which was 'snow' and did that version but they went with this....
Mmmmm, much prefer your version.


Ha Ha....thanks, unlike the rest of world!


Quote from: "TBE"Ha Ha....thanks, unlike the rest of world!
But then the rest of the world don't like what we like. ;)


I hate to bring this old thread back up, but I want to listen to Andy's album, The Twitch, and I can't seems to listen to it on  Am I missing something?  Or is it no longer playable from the website? Is it possible to find it elsewhere?