And here's some more video from the Peel!

Started by JONRES, December 29, 2008, 11:19:59 PM

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Surely by now we have enough between us to produce a full length video?!

Anyway, here are my contributions:

1) A sea of santa hats!


2) A bit of Milliontown


3) Some manlove at Christmas


Great gig!
"I\'ve tried broadcasting my music via telepathy whilst in the bath, but I\'m shit at it. Hence the gigs."


More goodies! keep 'em coming.

You must have been standing very close to me.


Cor tons to watch. But did anyone manage to catch Jem's perfect mid-line slurp of white wine?
I was a victim of goose-flirting the other day.
This bleeding great goose came up to me and wanted a light.
I said no.
Goose, there\'ll be no flirting today.