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Started by David, February 22, 2009, 01:22:55 PM

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On the 1st Roland video "Jeremy Godfrey on Fantom-G", Jem plays a few chords with a beautiful choir sound :
Listen to Jem's chords

The video :
Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMjhXCkpC0Y
Same one, better sound on Roland's Website : http://www.roland.com/demos/en/i0088/index.html

...but I think his playing does a lot : even with my antique Kawai K1 Fairlight-like Aah sound, those chords sound very nice.
I do think Jem would make a Bontempi sound gorgeous  :lol:

My attempt to transcribe (edit : thanks Catherine! ) :


Transcript is the noun, transcribe is the verb you were looking for!


Quote from: "David"..."Jeremy Godfrey on Fantom-G"...

Good God.  That synth is INSANE!  :twisted:
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Quote from: "Musicosm"
Quote from: "David"..."Jeremy Godfrey on Fantom-G"...

Good God.  That synth is INSANE!  :twisted:
They're made for each other....
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An English and a Music lesson all in one thread ... gotta love this place ..
... it was like watching a peach jelly f##k a steel drum ..  


O-ho-yeah, the Fantom Godfrey :)

But gosh, how I hate people/companies that post QuickTime videos online. Give me a useful format instead. Never again will I install that Malware (that includes iTunes btw) on my pc. Though, with a little help from VLC, and right-click, and a download, all is well, the rant is over...

Oh, btw, "4. Sanpling" ?


Just a note on the Fantom-G, somehting aimed mostly at Jem, but others also. I really don't like it that much.

A lot of the sounds are nice, but a lot of them are basically tweaked duplicates. The X suffered from this but the X had a better interface in my opinion.

Oh and the patch switching is a load of pish on the G. Seamless? Yeah right. They cheated. Instead of actually closing that gap by using the right processors for the job, they rendered a potentially 16-layer machine into an 8 layer and allowed each of those a dual channel, so basically, channel one has two channels in itself, 1A and 1B, which would further extend down to 1AL and 1AR for left and right. It manages the patch switch by simply moving the control from 1A to 1B, so the sound in 1A rings out. Then when you switch again, Roland assumed the sound in 1A would have died out, and the sound in 1A is switched and controls move to that channel. So if you change between sounds. I asked a roland specialist in Sound Control when they came out how i worked, he couldnt figure it out, and I did in five minutes, because unless you play in a function band, there are still going to be cut offs. It would have been nice to, say, have the channel cue the sound for the next patch up in channel 1A from 1B since 1A has gone below a certain amplitude, ie an audible one, and if the switch comes before that amplitude, would have been nice if it then assigned to an empty channel with -oodB say 6A etc.

Roll on Fantom Q. Or not.


I largely agree actually. You can actually do seamless patch change on the Fantom X too as long as you go easy on the fx. Not a problem for me as I hate reverb! :D

I've actually bought another X which I use as a main sound source in the studio. The SRX boards are still very very good and highly usable, something I really missed when I just had the G here. That said, the G is a magnificent synth to use live.

On a more positive note too, the version 2 software for the V-Synth GT is f*ckin' amazing. It's basically like buying a whole new synth. The sounds are just amazing. Shame the GT's nearly 3 grand now though.  :shock:

Everything's going up at the moment apart from Korg stuff interestingly, the Fantom G6 is now over 2 grand, Yamaha's stuff has gone through the roof and the Little Phatty I bought for £750 three months ago is now just under a grand!! Word of advice, buy your stuff here for the time being -



Even this one?  ;)

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Sure it's been commented on before, but near the end of video number 4 in the Jem and the Fantom G series, I liked the brief appearance of the opening piano line from Wonderland, albeit done with a patch that makes it sound like a dead ringer for something out of the original Prince of Persia game, 1989 vintage ...  :D


Got me bang to rights guv'nor.  :D



Item 4: Sanpling... Is that a feature unique to Rolands? :lol: