What going on at the CRS?

Started by DueyC, March 07, 2009, 04:25:46 PM

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Here's a bit of a mystery that someone close to the CRS might be able to throw some light on...

I just Googled for their web address, (cos I couldn't be bothered to hunt for it among my bookmarks) and the top link came up looking like this...

QuoteIt is with sadness that I have to announce the resignation of Martin Hudson from Classic Rock UK. Ltd. (The Classic Rock Society). ...
theclassicrocksociety.blogspot.com/ - 139k - Cached - Similar pages

When I clicked through to the site I got the page without that announcement, and reloading it didn't help.

Clicking on Google's cached version showed the page with this at the top:

QuoteSaturday, 7 March 2009
Announcement - The future of the CRS

It is with sadness that I have to announce the resignation of Martin Hudson from Classic Rock UK. Ltd. (The Classic Rock Society).

A full statement will follow shortly.
Posted by Kris Hudson-Lee at 13:12 0 comments

Any thoughts, anyone? It looks to me as though the announcement was added to the CRS website, then removed again, but not until after Google had cached it.
Also to be found running the website and merch sales at www.lifesignsmusic.co.uk


Dunno, maybe he made one too many fluffs during the BOTY awards? but when I looked at the CRS site I noticed that our very own Jem and JM are appearing on Lee Abraham's solo album, which was news to me.


I know nothing about the CRS but Galahad had given this news on myspace a week ago:-

We have woken from our winter slumbers with news of new material, gigs and other, well, stuff!!
On the gig front, we are playing:

* Sunday March 22nd at The Thomas Tripp, Christchuch, Dorset UK

* Sunday  May 10th at Mr Kyps, Poole, Dorset in a double header with
THRESHOLD, this should be a cracker of a gig - www.mrkyps.net

* Friday July 3rd Christchurch Music Festival, Dorset, UK

We are also in the process of organising a few dates in Poland in June.

PLUS we are playing in September at the Audiodenia Festival in Denia, Spain
on Friday 4th September along with other bands such as Barclay James
Harvest, Pendragon, Wishbone Ash etc. - www.audiodenia.com
The new album is coming on in leaps and bounds! Early demo recording is now fully underway using Stu's Pro Tools system. We have so far written some of the best Galahad music to date (Lee says its because he's now in the band! Roy doesn't agree!!!)
Speaking of Lee, he has a new solo album about to be released!
Its called "Black and White" and features some of the biggest names in modern prog as guests including Steve Thorne, John (It Bites, Arena) Mitchell, Jem (Frost*) Godfrey, Simon (Tinyfish) Godfrey and Galahad's own Deano Baker to name (...drop!) just a few! Exact release date is yet to be finalised but is should be out in late spring - look out for it.
and as if that wasn't enough Dean Baker is in the process of recording a new album called "After the Storm" with some other pretty nifty musicians (Galahad's Lee is one of them - crikey, is there no end to that boy's talents!). Expect a release of After the Storm sometime in the summer.
In other news, Stu decorated his lounge, Roy crashed his car and Spence went skiing..... twice! Other than that, its all been a bit quiet!
Cheers for now and see you from onstage pretty soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!