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Started by Drarok, March 18, 2009, 06:56:35 PM

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... here's a track I've had lying about in various states for years. I can't get it to sound how I want, though.

It's certainly not proggy, but I'm sure we can overlook that! ¬_¬

Click: Anyone

A little info:
Drums are Drumkit from Hell samples from ToonTrack, triggered by hand on my MIDI keyboard, then quantised and re-laid out in places. I'm going to borrow my mate's MIDI drums in future.
All guitars are real (as it's my main "proper" instrument; Drums don't count ;))
Bass is me, my bassist mate said he can put a proper bassline to it.
Strings and that are from Apple's Logic Express 8.

The question is: what's wrong with it? The acoustic sounds weedy for a start, no matter what I try. What else? Be gentle. And tell me how to fix it, not just that it's broken. :)

Enjoy! :?:


Nice work.
First of all i'm not an expert, but maybe you could make some room in your sound. I hear a guitar together with a lead guitar right in the middle(same frequencies). I think if you gave the rhythm guitar more room(semi stereo or panning) that would do a lot for your lead guitar(or vica versa). And maybe you could try to make your drumsound more traditional. Bassdrum and snare in the middle(no stereo effect) and toms and cymbals panning.

But hey..who am i

Like to hear the result of your struggle ;)
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Yep, I agree with Bokkie. The guitars just don't compliment each other, rather they sound like they are trying to outdo each other, I'm sure that could be easily overcome with a bit of heavy eq'ing and making sure they are panned away from each other. As for Bokkies suggestions on the traditional approach to the panning I think that is what most people expect to hear and to hear different confuses them.
Good work though, really like track and can understand why you want it "right". Lots of potential there. I too would like to here the results of your struggle.


I'd agree that the guitars don't sound as they should. Melody wise it's a pretty decent tune, but the fuzz guitar solo just sounds out of place. Perhaps changing the sound to a more crunchy guitar solo effect with a bit of delay to thicken the sound.
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I would say re-do the guitars with a real amp or at least some Amp Sim like GuitarRig2 or Amplitube. I would also cut a lot of the trebble from the cymbals and snare. Its really up there, whereas the fatness of most snares is around like 300hz or something with the snap a litte higher up? Also the bass could do with a tiny bit removing from around 200hz because its a litte woofy in places. I take it back, it might be okay just back a tiny bit.
Final thing, buss the guitars to some tape delays or something and they will sound a little less stuck on top.
Hope this helps, I am enjoying the song i promise!


Wow, I didn't know so many people knew this stuff!

Thanks guys, I'll have a play at the weekend and repost. :)


Quote from: "Drarok"Wow, I didn't know so many people knew this stuff!

Thanks guys, I'll have a play at the weekend and repost. :)
There are some very seriously talented guys on here.....

His name is Jem. Most of the rest of us just regurgitate his advice and offer it as our own :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:


I agree with all the above posts. The ideas are there, but the tones don't really do it justice. What kind of amp are you using? Try EQ-ing differently or just straight up finding another amp.