A wine-proof laptop?

Started by Pedro, March 22, 2009, 02:03:27 PM

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"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"


Wine-proof? Ok...  ;)

Checked out Google to see if the footage is a fake... but no...  :shock:

Are they serious about that huge foldable iPod?

I'd like to know, how the wheel works with InDesign-Shortcuts...  :shock:  :)  :shock:
... and tomorrow the world!


Loved the way it took 45 mins to compose that poorly typed email!  :D


I don't suppose it is wine-proof, not wheely....

I just gobbed that subject text in there cos I posted it in a flapping hurry.  :)

Very well put together I thought.  :)
"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"


Yes indeed...  :lol:

But nevertheless this thing makes me wonder... what's coming up next? A laptop with a screen... just a wheel?

And what about the all-time-favourite shortcut "Apple+ALT+ESC" ... just push down all four sides of the wheel and the center and close it at the same time??!?   ;) :shock:
... and tomorrow the world!


Quote from: "Progoholic"A laptop with a screen... just a wheel?

Sorry... my fault... as you see, I'm confused... "without a screen" is what I wanted to say...  :?  :D
... and tomorrow the world!


Hahaha! I sooo love the Onion, how do they come up with it all?
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Yeah!! Union news rules!!

ilmao!!! try to read the e-mail and the scrolling text later on in the video.
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The suggested sentences are awesome!  :D