Bad weather for Mid U.S. today

Started by EVP, March 23, 2009, 07:15:54 PM

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Parts of Kansas,Oklahoma, and Nebraska are expected to get wacked pretty good
by severe storms today and tonight. The Storm Prediction Center is forecasting
a good chance of tornado's across this area and hail up to 2 inches(golf ball size)
for a good portion as well.

Hopefully any U.S. Frosties aren't in the area tonight and hopefully family and friends
of anyone out there stay safe!!


My mate and I get to drive to Dallas (20 hours driving!) around this time every year, and it's always touch and go if the weather's going to clear up before we set out from our base in Miami.
This space for sale.


Best of luck Mate! I see part of Texas is indeed under the gun today.