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Started by szabiakanich, November 09, 2008, 06:09:12 PM

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Since we have a new forum, I thought I bring some presents in the form of some Frost* goodness to this board. (Sorry I don't have any biscuits :( )

What we have here is a package of 60MB of Frost* artwork goodness for everyone to enjoy.

Download link:

Frost* artwork


32 desktop wallpapers in the following resolutions: 1024x768, 1280x800, 1280x960, 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1600x1200, 1680x1050, 1920x1200 and 2560x1600. I think I got all the resolutions covered. :D  :shock:  8-) (Notice: the 2560x1600 wallpapers are slightly different and there aren't 32 of those)


16 mobile wallpapers in the resolution 240x320




7 avatars in the resolutions 145x145 and 100x100



As an addition there is a "Special edition" release of 3 wallpapers which are only available in 16:10 wide aspect ratio 2560x1600 resolution (sorry 4:3 aspect ratio users), which I just finished.

Download link:

Frost* Special edition wallpapers

Here are some samples of these: (notice the wild wild west edition of the second wallpaper :D  :D  :D )

Enjoy! 8-)  :mrgreen:



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Nice one matey!

 I'll have a word with Dene and get him to add some of these to the official downloads



Szabi sir, you totally RAWK! Thanks for those lovely wallpapers :D
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Very nice!!! I think it's about time I Frost*ified my desktop...
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rawk!  can't wait to grab those for the new MacBook!


What !!!!!!
No biscuits....we'll have to eat the wallpaper

Great work though :D
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Thanks Szabi, I'll try and contribute your share of the biscuits for you.  :lol:
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Thanks everyone. Glad you're enjoying them :)

I couldn't stop and had to make another one today. A quick one. Had to get my Frost* fix. :D  :twisted:  This is a photo that I took when I came back from China half a year ago, modified with a bit of Frost*. (Not that there wasn't enough frost* anyway) :D

Bigger version: ... 0x1600.jpg

I'm just going to post any random Frost* artwork that I'm going to create over the next few weeks/when I feel like it, in this thread.


Oooh... I love this last one... it's quite stunning actually.
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These are fantastic. Many thanks for them.


Quote from: "Mikey"What !!!!!!
No biscuits....we'll have to eat the wallpaper

Anaglypta cookies FTW, as they say in biscuit-oriented-internetland.


Damn, Szabi, you really outdid yourself this time... Bravo !


Quote from: "Ivor"
Quote from: "Mikey"What !!!!!!
No biscuits....we'll have to eat the wallpaper

Anaglypta cookies FTW, as they say in biscuit-oriented-internetland.

moire jokes like that, and we'll be calling Pedro!