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real life

Started by Bokkie, March 30, 2009, 05:42:03 PM

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This is an early premix of a song we recently recorded. It has nothing to do with prog, but i wanted to share this with you guy's and girls anyway.
Let me know what you think.
The song is called "real life"
If wishes where horses, we\'re all been eating steak.


If wishes where horses, we\'re all been eating steak.


Hey there Bokkie,

Its always a little daunting reviewing someone's work as those presenting are usually passionately close to it...and for me as the reviewer, my own taste / style /experience the benchmark for those 4 or so minutes...a lot of waffle / caveats maybe, but hope to review with balance...

Firstly thanks for sharing....that in itself is usually a brave hurdle to get over....

The track is 'begging' to be played live ...and can hear that at a gig, it would bring a lot of energy and angst ...that Indie rawness...with almost punk overtones....

The lead vocal, to me, could sit better in the mix...was a tad harsh, particularly in the 'This is real life dear'  section ...but her voice is strong and clear.....and nice to hear b'vox. ...and as this is an early Pre-Mix...this may already sound different.

Liked the direction of the lyrics....some sounded a little forced to get the rhyme, so jarred a "reckon", in "That's what I reckon, and I'm just waiting for it to happen"....also the phrase "you've dropped a clanger" ....finally the word 'Dear' ..I would drop it, wherever it appears...

Tight at the back, particularly drums, could have more bass (a bit lost in the mix after the intro....and maybe a different bass line in the verses, would have further added interest and drive...more 'walking' than it is). Liked the build up towards the end of the song too.

I don't hear too much of this sound/style around at the moment...which can be an keep up the good work and press on.....particularly live!




Thanks a lot for your review, Fantom.

That reminds me that i'm inpatient sometimes and forget that a serious feedback takes time.

I really appreciate your feedback because it's very helpful. After listening again,  i have to agree with you on the timing part of the lead vocals and the bass lines. But i think we will keep what we've got now, because we have the tendency of splitting hairs over everything and we made a deal that we would record it with in the three day we had. Your feedback was certainly an eye-opener regarding the mixing part of the song. I find it very hard to mix A) acoustic drums. and B) mixing it so that everybody agrees on it. And in that struggle i tend to loose objectivity.
I think your right that the song can be far more powerful live.(No limiters and compressors there.)
And i'm certainly going to implement some of your insights into the coming mixing sessions.

btw what does "b'vox" stands for?
If wishes where horses, we\'re all been eating steak.


B'vox.....backing vocals.......

The drums, I thought, came over well ...balanced and clearly defined 12/8 vibe and nice job there. :D