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Started by Jem, April 10, 2009, 08:30:11 PM

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Now me, only me.  But at this time on a sunday morning, so I should be.  Actually, on here a lot on my own (bloody shi(f)t work).  Now it's nice to have somewhere to talk.... to myself.  

Who said that?
That's jazz.  Jazz is weird...


This space for sale.


me and bobby McGee, i mean, Roger G

my computer is playing up so i'm not on here as much as usual. apols for lack of sarcastic commenting ! x


Since Googlebot seems to have grown sick of being kicked over all the time I'd have no one to talk to (or fight with) had it not been for Mr. O. Guests - thank you, sir!
"One man\'s Drum Machine is another man\'s Mellotron"
- Pedro


rog, you're up early. Found the bot and gave it a good kicking yet?
This space for sale.


Quote from: "Geetar"rog, you're up early. Found the bot and gave it a good kicking yet?


morning, Geetar!  my lovely Cairn is doing her morning thing, while I wait for the coffee. breakfast soon.

I think we've chased the Bots away, for the time being...


Anybody found any hamsters yet? I'm sure Geetar must be getting hungry by now...  :)


I'll be singing all the way to Texas:

Roadkill, roadkill
Drives me crazier
No serenade
Just a marinade
Get it on the brazier

What do you want?
What do you want?
I want possum rolls
Yes I do
This space for sale.


I'm back and on my own. I think I'll nick that egg sandwich in the fridge. Hope it's not anybody's lunch...


Oi that was mine :twisted:


Sorry about that, if it's any consolation, it was delicious.  8-)


Just me now, and all the food's gone. I'm hungry.  :(


I'm halfway through a small breakfast of orange juice, cornflakes, tea, scrambled eggs with fried onions, potatoes and cheese, oatmeal, fresh fruit with yoghurt and hot buttered toast.

Hope you're holding up there, Mouse.
This space for sale.


Why I oughta... :twisted:


Nobody will miss this Waitrose Tiramisu will they?
I was a victim of goose-flirting the other day.
This bleeding great goose came up to me and wanted a light.
I said no.
Goose, there\'ll be no flirting today.