Leeds - Pre Gig Meet Up

Started by Ecosse, April 16, 2009, 01:23:36 PM

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Right, I'll be driving down to Leeds on the 12th, probably getting there about 5-ish.

Me & my 2 mates who are coming down with me will probably need fed & watered after the drive, so was wondering if anyone else is gonna be around and wanted to have a Frostie* pre gig meet up for a quick pint and a nibble?
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I went to the Irish bar just down from Millennium sq before the Marillion gig and it was great. I'll get the name and re-post.... Great food, great beer, great atmosphere and a stones throw from the gig....

If anyone needs parking, safe secure and FREE,, let me know, and I'll direct you to the Uni car parking which IS FREE, Yes, The Light is safe and secure, but we went to 'The Music' gig and parked in there, you're queuing for 45 mins to get your ticket validated...

Anyone else up for a "from 5pm" Frostie pint or 4?
Hello, is there anybody in there?............


I think  my train gets into Leeds around 4:30 so time I drop my bag off at the hotel a from 5 meet up sounds good


I'm on driving duties, so only a pint or two at most for me!

Neil, if you could post up the details of the pub and the parking that'd be greatly appreciated mate :D
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With it being a Friday, we'll probably be flapping in to the gig at the last minute but we're there in spirit!  ;)
"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"


I will be coming from work.  So I will just leave at a time which allows me to get to the pre-gig meet up on time  ;)

Details of free parking would be much appreciated - paying for parking when going to gigs come second only to the fees charged by ticket agencies in my list of hated wastes of money.


I have to work out whether I can actually afford two tickets for this gig - if it isn't sold out yet! My son mentioned it could be my birthday pressie, so that'd be good...




Hi guys, amazing how beer can bring a thread alive!

The pub is O'Neill's on the corner of Great George Street right next to Millennium Sq.

I've done the car parking picks
http://twitpic.com/3hbk1 - How to get to Pepper'A' by car
http://twitpic.com/3hbhr - How to get from Pepper A to Pepper B (Leeds Uni car park to Leeds Academy

Pics posted on Twitter pics, any ???s just ask
Hello, is there anybody in there?............


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Myself and Non-Forum-Frostie*-Friend will be in Leeds from around 13:30 onwards, so just name a time and a place and we'll be there like a derailment on a thread.

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Milliontown, I been there.

and Vermont, well....




Quote from: "Ecosse"Anyone else up for this?
What? Beers with some of the finest people on the planet before going to see the finest band on the planet?

Oh, go on then.
* May contain nuts.

Dave M

Beer .. Gig .. Beer ... almost sounds like the perfect evening.

I have my ticket and beer tokens at the ready.
... it was like watching a peach jelly f##k a steel drum ..  


So, on the suggestion of Neil, we'll meet at the O'Neill's pub?

Everyone meet there about 5ish?
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