Pro Tools HD Questions

Started by EVP, April 24, 2009, 03:21:47 AM

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This is directed towards any Pro Tools HD users/owners here,mainly Jem
and Beano,and anyone else who has experience with this setup, I would welcome
answers as well.

I'm actually considering getting a used system and by having a gander around
at for sale adds around the internet, a loan could put me within reach of something.
But I'm curious as to what the minimum is I could get away with. Right now my
typical songs/projects would fall well within 64 tracks,if not less. Would an HD 1
or an HD 2 suffice for typical Rock/pop projects?

The main advantages I seek are of course, zero latency monitoring and the DSP
acceleration. I don't typically use a ton of plugins. I would also be mainly running
Logic as a front end,but also PT depending on what kind of mood I'm in ;)
As for a desktop from which to run a system, I would be looking at a used G5
as I unfortunately cannot afford a new Mac Pro. Aside from having enough juice
to run a few VI's I assume you wouldn't need that powerful of a desktop.

Finally, what should I realistically expect to pay outright for an HD1 or HD 2
system,with all the necessary cabling and such?  It's all kind of a dream
at the moment but there could be potential for me business wise in the area
that I live even if I start out bare bones.



is it really worth going HD for what you are suggesting? You say you use few plugins, and not many tracks (LE supports 48, and up to 64 with the toolkit i think) If you build an i7 based machine now, people are getting ridiculously good performance,

a good read of that thread might swing you :P


Yes it would be worth it for the reduced latency alone. But it would have to be Mac only
as I use Logic 90% of the time,that and I'd rather shoot myself than deal with Windows
XP again. I spent 7 years working with XP and theres no way I would ever go back
to using windows. I get a headache just thinking about it now actually.

I've since backed off on the idea for now until I can find a better place to set up shop.
I'm going to go downstate to visit a friend of mine who works in co-operation with
an HD studio next door. I'll get to take the helm for a couple hours and see if in fact
it's worth it.


no worries. But can you really get zero latency with plugins and HD? there must be some processing cycles. I thought the only way to get zero latency was to go through the hardware directly? Which works well for my ProFire but i have to mute the track. I guess with HD it's all in the box so to speak no fiddly mutes! Anyways best of luck whatever happens, its not like i would turn away a HD system if i could afford it haha