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Started by J Jonah Jameson, November 10, 2008, 07:46:04 AM

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J Jonah Jameson

..all gone!

We're finishing off our orders on these and that's it.  Congratulations to the lucky people who got one, I reckon it'll be a sought after item in years to come.  Especially if you bought the set!



Well done!  ::clap::clap::clap::
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Hot Damn! That was a 1000 cds, thats pretty good for just a EP. So what does the sales look like for EIMA so far?
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J Jonah Jameson

Well, put it like this.  I've just re - ordered. Another 200 discs on top of the original order.  TLD is charging around like de clappers. The CRS are very confused.  Dec's coming over tonight.  I'm charging down to see JM and Mr G on Wednesday - the same day as the lovely new shirts arrive.  And I'm seeing TBE Wednesday night too, as long as he's got back together by then.

It's a bit busy.

Which is nice.  ;)


Big Black Shed

I went to the Music Live show in Brum on Sunday. Wearing a Frost* t-shirt of course.

And there on the Millenium Music Merchandise stand were some lovely Frost* t-shirts :D  :D  :D

The Milliontour and Milliontown ones.

Now, not trying to scare anyone, but the guy on the stand did say they hadn't started printing the new shirts yet.  :shock:  :shock:  Wednesday delivery you say???????
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That's awesome, 1000 EP's sold in this short time means not that Frost* is great, but that people KNOW that Frost* is great!

Can't wait for my EIMA and my Tees when they shall arrive! :mrgreen: