The Producers(80's band)

Started by EVP, May 05, 2009, 04:08:11 AM

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OK now there has got to be someone on here, at least in America ,who was around
during MTV's 80's heyday who should remember these guys. Maybe the image
of a keyboard player lugging around an Oberheim 8 voice on a strap on stage
might ring a bell?

I've always loved their music despite my reputation for being such a prog head
and always slated the whole 80's thing,but this band should have been a real
keeper IMHO. Too bad they got canned by their label after two albums.
Anyway, I did a search and was surprised not to find them on itunes and after
a quick googlely, I discovered they are still around rawking and doing gigs.
Unfortunately, the two most popular albums are no longer in print and even
the 2000 reissue is out too. Luckily I found a used copy on Amazon.
Both albums on one disc. Well worth the $50.

Check out the videos on myspace/you tube and you might recall or even
pick up on them. Briliant simple, 80's pop at it's finest. In fact, you may
even notice the influence The Police had on them on their 2nd album.


I remember them fondly from early MTV days.  I had the first album on cassette when it came out and some years ago I picked up that two album disc.

I've always loved "She Sheila" from "You Make The Heat."  Favorites from the first album include "What's He Got," "Certain Kinda Girl," "I Love Lucy" and "What She Does To Me."
...and I can feel the world is turning...turn around


Yes indeed those tracks are classics. I love "Back to Basics". I purposely made a copy
of the disc to have while I'm out driving. interesting to note on the Wiki it says
they worked together on a song with Kansas?  I also remember Van Temple sings
and plays on one of Steve Morse's albums.