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Started by Mouse, May 16, 2009, 04:23:49 AM

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Hellay hellay! Just thought I'd say that I've got a new tune up over on my MySpace page. It's part of an ongoing mini-solo-project in which I'm experimenting to see if I'm actually any good at making music and seeing what I can do with it.

The first track, The Great Fog (Part 1), is a short instrumental piece, designed to be an introduction for whatever follows by creating an atmosphere. Part 2 will act as the closer, but I haven't even thought about what to do that one yet. Best to get the stuff that comes inbetween done first.  ;)

The second track, Think/Talk, is something I'm really proud of - it's my vocal debut.  8-)  It came to me in a flash of inspiration at about 03:30 one night and was written there and then. The song deals with my problem of over-analysing and over-thinking situations by, ironically, analysing and thinking about it. You can also download it for free!  :)

I have to admit that most of it was drawn into Cubase as I don't yet have a MIDI controller keyboard. I like to think of it as "engineering" music.  8-)  Anyways, I'll let you lot tear them apart before I carry on with anything. I have an electronic version of Led Zeppelin's Going To California in mind which should keep me occupied for a while.

All complaints and anger about that are to be sent on a postcard or sealed envelope to...  :P


Well done Mouse for getting your songs posted out there...

Think/Talk evokes a Floydesque quality and the vocals have a strong Roger Waters appeal to them ...can easily imagine that this song would work really well 'live'

Be encouraged to keep going!



Wow, cheers to you Mr. G!  :D  Funny that you think it sounds quite Floydian, because it's the one track I've done that I wouldn't cite the Floyd as a primary influence on. I'm really happy you said that!

In fact, I would like to say that our very own Jem was the primary influence on that one.  8-)

Thanks again, it's a real confidence boost!  :mrgreen:


I have finally(!) gotten around to listening to these.
I say "finally" because you have been a victim of.....dah, dah, DAAAH....The Wrong Browsers (Grommit)....

Every time I have been prompted to look at this thread (either by posts or that rusty synapse of mine that fires rarely) I have been either at work (where the evil "IT", deny-er of all things useful, says "Nay!" to MySpace) or using my iPod Touch where the Flash plug-in (not an air-freshner) is still weighing things in feet and inches and can't handle new-fangled, or even quite old-fangled player widgets.

Only now, while the entrance to sleep still escapes my feeble grasping, do I remember to have a listen while I actually can....

So, to the tracks!

The Great Fog makes a good intro to something (well, it does say Part1!). Quite Floydy. The MySpace compression is not very kind to it, sadly.

Think/Talk had me thinking "It's 1 o'clock..." right at the start but that soon passed. I can see why FantomG heard the Waters-style delivery in the vox. I'm a little bit troubled by the pitching of the vocal melody, quite unusual. If this is what you were aiming for then I reckon you nailed it.
It's a catchy little number, would possibly benefit from some variation in the drumming, which possibly sounds a little too drum machiney?

Anyway, thanks for the sharing. Kudos for putting some original compositions out.
More please! :)
"Putting food on the table is more important than 7/8"


Ta very muchly, Pedro! I know the drums are a bit drum machiney, but that's what I was going for. Honestly, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!  :P  I don't really know how I was trying to pitch the vocals - I think I was just going for it and making it up as I was going along. Alternatively: yeah, that's exactly what I was going for. Cough.  ;)

Quote from: "Pedro"Think/Talk had me thinking "It's 1 o'clock..."

I love this place, you lot know exactly where I've come from!  8-)  Hardly any of my friends whoarenothere would point them out. Ta again!

More is on the way, but the mixer on Cubase has killed it's panning function somehow. That's set me back a bit with getting stuff finished. Boo!  :evil: