Guy Manning at the Peel

Started by Nellie, May 19, 2009, 10:32:15 AM

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So what do we think about Guy Manning.
I'm going to pop over to the Peel for his gig on 6th June but I don't really know his stuff. Sounds a bit Floydie????
It's in the post!


I think he's great as part of the Tangent - don't know his solo stuff at all.

But him and Andy Tillison made a great comedy duo at Summer's End!
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Don't know The Tangent's stuff, and have heard only a couple of Manning's albums (Anser's Tree and Number 10- I prefer the latter). But I bought those both on the strength of seeing him and his acoustic band at the CRS a couple of months ago (supporting Magenta).

I thought he was a great performer and an interesting song-writer. More 'prog' than 'rock', maybe. Sort of folky in a Jethro Tull-ish way, but with a fairly original style (or so I thought!). I like it, and might pick up a few more albums at some point.




I have all his albums, and i like to call it,'Prog Folk' :mrgreen:  Bit of both, Can't wait to see him.